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"What do you require from us prior to the wedding date?"

 Your wedding schedule with times and corresponding locations displayed, contact details, your fiance’s name and full payment.

Wedding timeline example:

"What are your payment terms?"

There is an upfront, non-refundable booking payment of R6000. Thereafter, the total is divided into 2 amounts, paid in equal periods, with the final payment paid 3 months prior to your wedding date. Please refer to the Packages page for specifics. 

"Do I lose my deposit if I postpone the wedding date?"

Postponing or cancelling the booked wedding date will unfortuately forfeit your deposit due to the opportunity cost and production time. The availability of the crew for your new wedding date will then come into question and a new deposit may be made if you are to proceed with the updated booking.  

"What are your packages & prices?"

Our packages and prices are available to view online here:

"What is your lead time for the editing?"

7 to 11 weeks. Check out the details at

"Do you choose the landscape photoshoot location?"

Your photographer typically directs the location shoot. If your photographer doesn’t provide a reccy for your shoot and you’ll like us to do that for you, please enquire and we’ll send a scout and send you photos of different locations within a 10km radius of your wedding.

This reccy is done by the scout alone, so they can move fast and search for more locations within their shift.

"You're working as a team, as opposed to an individual doing everything?

At Chapter 3, individuals of our freelance videography team are hired 6 months prior to your wedding date and may be switched out in the case of an emergency, such as catching COVID-19. The primary shooters use the same gear and are trained to shoot in a similar style and to a specific system to create a consistent look & feel across videos and photos. The production and editing is consistently created by the producer, Taun.

"What languages do you work with?"

We primarily work with English speeches, which is our primary and only fluent language. We edit other languages too, at an additional R3000 to hire the relevant editor. 

"What happens if our schedule doesn't go to plan and we need you to shoot for longer?"

This isn’t usually the case with a 10 hour shoot, starting 3 hours prior to your ceremony, but you may want to shift the timetable on the day and allow for more time (this hasn’t happened in the past). We charge R1000 per extra hour, with a maximum of 2 extra hours. (12 hours total). This can also be requested if you want us to shoot earlier, such as capturing more of the preparations. We have found it best to capture the last 30 minutes of the ladies getting ready, as opposed to arriving too early

Can we meet the videographer and photographer before the wedding?

At Chapter 3, the videographers/photographers are hired 6 months prior to your wedding date.

We have excluded the option of a physical meeting due to COVID-19, to reduce our package prices and to save time.  

You are welcome to chat to the producer, Taun, via Whatsapp or a Zoom call.

"Would you like us to serve you dinner at the wedding?"

Yes please. Vegetarian, if that’s on offer. If not, please make the choice for us. We’ll greatly appreciate any meal. Thank you!

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