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Chapter 3

For every wedding we see through clear eyes, capturing and representing the beauty, magic and love through crafted cinematic video.

Our Approach

At Chapter 3, we work as a small team of videographers (1 videographer per wedding), shooting in a similar style with equal, high quality equipment. This way we stay passionate and excited to experience and represent the love and beauty of every wedding.

 We prefer to take a documentary approach to capturing the natural and beautiful moments unfolding on the day, with a few shots directed if the opportunity presents itself. We do our best to be conscious of our positioning and movements, being as discreet as we can. During the ceremony, we move around the alter at key moments, such as when the rings come out to get a close-up shot. Though we can hang back if you’d prefer we don’ get in anyone’s line of sight. We will liaise with your photographer(s) so we can both get incredible shots and work in harmony.

For the sunset shoot, we will probably direct you for a few shots if the photographer isn’t shooting in a dynamic style. Feel free to go into the shoot with a few movements planned and rehearsed. This is supposed to be casual and fun, so no pressure, It’s not live TV after all 🙂 

I will edit your wedding videos, giving each and every one equal love and attention over a 12 week period after your wedding date.

Check out our process below for more info. 

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1. Enquire

Check out our packages page and if you like what you see, please get in touch and let us know the date and venue of your wedding.

We'll get back to you ASAP with our availability and answer any questions.

2. Chat

Share your desires and preferences for your wedding film.

To confirm your booking, we require the full payment to made upfront.

3. Music Choice

Your music choice sets the mood for your video and cannot be changed at a later stage without a re-quote and re-edit. Leave the music choice to us or select make your own choice from www.musicbed.com/playlists.

4. Wedding Day

We arrive at least 3 hours before your ceremony.

Please note that we do not pressure or direct you to stick to your schedule, unless otherwise requested. It's typically the role of the photographer to direct the schedule and sunset shoot.

5. File Backups

We backup the footage to Google Drive ASAP, where the files will remain there for 6 months after the wedding day. You are welcome to download the raw footage.

6. Editing

Your wedding film will be edited within 12 weeks of your wedding day.

7. Delivery

We'll courier a USB stick to you and you also have the option of downloading the files from Google Drive.

8. Feedback

We appreciate your feedback.

We wish you a beautiful chapter and all the very best on your journey together.

Your wedding memories will be appreciated by generations to come...